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Your wedding deserves to be unique and special because you are unique and special. Weddings by Create That Party event planners reflect your individuality and tastes. You share your wedding ideas with us, and we create the individualized experience that translates your dreams into reality.

Wedding Event Planners

Your Wedding Event Planners

At Create That Party, our Founder and CEO JaLeena Anthony believes that her relationship with you is vital for your event’s success. In order to create memorable milestones like your wedding, her event planning begins by listening to your visions and ideas for the wedding you desire. As she understands your story, and the story of your developing nuptial relationship, she can formulate a better plan.
This close relationship between you and your wedding event planners grows in importance as the planning phase continues. JaLeena will locate venders and venues that bring something special to your wedding event, while working with you to stay within your budget. While this can be a stressful time, a strong relationship with your wedding event planners helps to alleviate tension and promote harmony. 

Wedding Event Planning Fun

Create That Party wants your wedding event planning to be as memorable an experience as your actual wedding day. This should be a time of fun and sharing with family and friends, not filled with stress headaches and disagreements. That’s why as your wedding event planning specialist, we arrange for shopping excursions, planning parties, and other creative meetings that include fun, laughter, and great memories.
Leave the details of making your wedding day dreams come true to us. Bring your family and wedding party and enjoy an organized and structured event planning gathering you will remember forever. We can even make it fun for the guys! Ask us about some of our planning surprises when you call for a wedding event planning consultation. 

Wedding Event Planning Fun
Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Enjoying Your Wedding Day

Enjoy your wedding day from beginning to end and leave the details and schedule to us! We handle everything behind the scenes so you, your family, and your guests enjoy a truly magical and memorable wedding day experience, tailored to your specifications. Let JaLeena Anthony and Create That Party show you how weddings should happen!

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To book your initial consultation for event planning and other special services in New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia, contact JaLeena Anthony today at (908)-670-3589 or email, or you can complete the online information request form. Don’t delay! Choice event dates go fast!