All About Me!

Hello All! First I want to say thank you for coming to my page and supporting me while I continue to do what I absolutely LOVE to do! I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some things about myself. Hmm..where should I start? Well, I am happily married with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a pond full of fish. I graduated from Rutgers University where I obtained a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Labor Relations. Currently I work in the field of Human Resources for a Wireless company and have been in this field for 9 years. While I am truly blessed to be able to advance in the corporate world…I’ve always felt like I was missing something. While I still enjoy parts of my job, I’d much rather spend my time planning and decorating events and parties.

Growing up I would often get described as a “busy bee”. I was always making something, planning something or running around to prevent myself from getting bored. I would like to say that is how I discovered my true passion of event styling and planning. I also shared a passion for music and played instruments throughout most of grade school as well as completed a few years of gymnastics to make my life even more interesting. While being involved in extra curricular activities was a lot of fun and rewarding at times, I realized very soon that I needed to get a job in order to support my teenage habits. Eventually I got a job at a Christian Daycare center where I worked there all of my high school years and most of my collegiate years.

Working hard is something that should always be associated with my name whenever someone tries to Google me because seriously that is how I tackle anything in my life! Now, I know a lot of people would agree that working hard is a wonderful skill to have however I believe that having fun is just as equally important. Constantly finding ways to enjoy the one life that we are all given can be very rewarding so that is what I like to focus on when I am not working. With that being said I am a ball of energy and will find just about anything to laugh at. Some of my friends think that I am funny (I’m not sure how much I agree) but let’s just say that if you’re having a bad day I will try to turn that frown into a smile (insert cheesy emoji here). Ok, I can go on and on about myself but I’d much rather show you! I look forward to meeting you when you hire me for your next event. 🙂