5 Things That Can Go Wrong The Day of Your Event and How to Overcome It

5 Things That Can Go Wrong The Day of Your Event and How to Overcome It
  1. A vendor can cancel or show up late. You can’t really control this but I think it’s always best to find some good reliable vendors and stick with them. Also, a good practice is to ALWAYS stay in constant communication with them.
  2. You can run out of food. I’ve seen this happen so many times. The best way to overcome this is to get an accurate headcount. If you know how many people are coming it will help you better prepare. You can even get a little more food because it’s always better to have more then to have less.
  3. Technology just won’t let you be great. Unfortunately, if you are not tech savvy then this can really be a bummer. The best way to prepare for this is to fully understand how everything works. If you are renting from vendors ask them to set it up for you and give you a tutorial. It is also extremely important to do a test run before they leave.
  4. Mother Nature decides to work against you. This is totally out of your control but honestly, what helps me is that I ensure NO one states that it’s going to rain or bad weather is coming our way. I’m a believer that your tongue is powerful so if you speak it then it will happen. I’ve seen lots of sunshine by following this method even when the weather man said otherwise.
  5. Your guests show up late or you don’t get the amount of people you expected. I think what helps in this situation is requiring your guests to RSVP and send a reminder a few days before your event. Also what can help is physically talking to your guests and express how happy and excited you are about your event. This will allow them to get excited and really look forward to coming!